Capture new values with sustainability

Building a business model with a focus on sustainability requires that your company connects resources and results across several areas and captures new values.

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An application for sustainability

Fifty5 shall provide fact-based knowledge about sustainability that provides the opportunity for evaluation – in an APP. Changing a business model with a focus on sustainability requires a framework for understanding how sustainability can create opportunities for value creation – simplified and understandable for everyone.



Trust and reputation

It is the owners and managers of a business who are responsible for setting the sustainability strategy of a business. Create engagement among employees, set requirements for your suppliers. The possibilities are many – the most important thing is to start with measures that you yourself feel are important and that are in line with your business and services. It will give results.

Environmental management system

To document environmental goals and strategies, reports are prepared and annual audits are conducted. Much of the work is done manually in the form of Excel lists, written text and data that are manually entered into static web pages which in turn generate reports.This is time consuming with a high internal cost to the businesses. At the same time, the reports are outdated shortly after they are ready.

Fifty5 want to help every part of society to document and meet the UN’s sustainability goals (SDG). We will provide sensor solutions and intelligent business solutions that, as far as possible, automatically monitor, deliver near realtime environmental data, and document this.

Our partners

“Sustainable development offers the best chance to adjust our course…”

– Ban Ki-moon

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